Nobile represents a truly unique experience in the concept of private member clubs. Its members are leaders in the fields of business, entertainment, politics, art, entrepreneurship, fashion, media, sports and technology. Located in the heart of Stockholm, Nobile creates a vibrant melting pot where people from all cultures are brought together to meet friends, conduct business and relax. A place from which to base both their social and professional lives.


The state of the art yet casual restaurant is committed to using fresh, locally sourced, season based ingredients to offer a wide range of cuisines. The dishes that are being served are perfectly complemented by its extensive wine cellar. Nobis Wine Cellar is Sweden’s largest wine cellar with about 1350 different etiquettes and expertly controlled by by our very own Niklas Ödman, head sommelier and GM of Nobile.


Nobile is currently putting together a portfolio of exclusive offers from fellow members and their businesses, focusing primarily on indulgence, lifestyle and fun, for our members to take advantage of as treating other Nobile members is smart business for both parties.


Through our extensive network of artists and collectors, a continuously changing collection of contemporary artwork is on display. Sometimes for sale, sometimes not – it creates an inspiring cultural experience. Nobile highlights international trends, as well as maintains a focus on Swedish-based artists.


Get in touch:

Reservations: 08 676 58 65
(During business hours)

For urgent matters, call 0709 32 12 00


Karl XII:s torg
111 86 Stockholm